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  • Autor: Michael Harrington Phd
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  • Relaese Date: 30 May 2014
  • ISBN: 1499738153
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Description Common Cents de Michael Harrington Phd:

"Change is inevitable. Change is constant." - Benjamin Disraeli "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin The world is changing. Fast. Economics, finance, politics. Revolutions in information, communication, economic liberalization, and political integration are bombarding us at a dizzying pace. Individually and collectively, we try to manage this change, seeking to adapt and thrive. One way we organize our collective action is through the exercise of public policy, but the landscape keeps changing and the old maps and blueprints seem inadequate to the task. If our leadership elites understand how to manage these changes, it is not apparent from the results. Regrettably, our traditional media sources seem unable or unwilling to help by providing straight answers untainted by ideology and political partisanship. The stock market jumps higher one day, and crashes the next, but what exactly has changed between yesterday and today? Or tomorrow? Meanwhile, Main Street enterprises and average families struggle to survive, much less thrive. In a self-governing democracy, how do we navigate this growing chaos? How do we return to a world we recognize? To start, we need to establish some touchstones to anchor our rational perceptions. Today, these touchstones must come from our own understanding. We need a basic intellectual foundation to guide our collective decisions because managing democracy is no longer the exclusive domain of the expert. Common Cent$: A Citizen's Survival Guide seeks to satisfy this need. The guide is a basic primer that focuses on economics for non-economists and policymakers. Its author holds advanced degrees in economics, finance, and political science and has taught these disciplines at the university level. He has also worked in an investment management and financial consulting capacity. In contrast to conventional approaches, this guide offers a new way of understanding our society that departs from the economy as a mechanical system or programmable machine amenable to simple policy directives. Rather, the adopted metaphor is organic, holistic, and integrative. Our analysis focuses on resource inputs and outputs in a natural cycle over time. Rational, interactive human behavior becomes a key driver of this economic-financial-political ecosystem. In developing this approach, we can then tackle the nuts and bolts of the conventional policy world encompassing Federal Reserve monetary policy, the banking system, government fiscal policy, tax policy, public finance and social insurance entitlements. With a clearer perception as to how these various policies shape our world, we can gain a greater understanding of the ways we have been affected personally through the gyrations of the financial, housing, and labor markets. In this respect, we may discover that intuition is more powerful than technical expertise. This guide is not a compendium of solutions, but a framework for analysis so that we may design solutions together. Our financial and economic predicaments are not accidents of circumstance- we are not victims of fate. Our problems are of our own design due to misguided policies and faulty intellectual models of our world. The road back to sanity starts with small steps. "A user-friendly manual that simplifies the political and economic policy landscape. A great resource. Send it to Washington!" Michael Harrington is a political economist, public policy analyst, and author. He holds advanced degrees in political science, finance, and economics. His academic scholarship has garnered several national awards, including the American Political Science Association's Harold D. Lasswell Prize for best research in policy studies. His research interests encompass trade policy- capital markets- the politics of finance- risk, uncertainty and social insurance- voting patterns in American politics- agent-based modeling techniques- and the economics of inequality. He has worked in the securities and venture capital industries as an investment portfolio manager, financial analyst, and consultant. In more recent years he has taught political science as a lecturer at the University of California and worked as a research fellow and public policy analyst. He currently writes on economic policy and politics on the blog, Casino Capitalism and Crapshoot Politics. Harrington has harbored a life-long fascination with the art, culture, and politics of the Italian Renaissance, and has lived and studied in Italy, near Florence. His enduring interest in the social movements and artistic creativity of this period led him to study the life stories of Girolamo Savonarola, Niccolo Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. As a visiting scholar to the Bridwell Library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, he conducted research with primary Renaissance materials for his dramatized history-fiction trilogy on Savonarola and Machiavelli. This work, titled The City of Man: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso, has been an Amazon Kindle bestseller for more than five years running. An early convert to digital technology, Harrington is a pioneer in the development of digital book formats, or eBooks. His eBooks are programmed to take full advantage of the search and link capabilities of digital text, as well as incorporating the enhancements of images, illustrations, tables, and indexes. These features give the reader the freedom to pursue their own path through the story with direct access to historical information on the Internet."

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