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Footprints in Time

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  • Autor: MR Frank C Newby
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Relaese Date: 04 July 2015
  • ISBN: 1514662728
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT, Audio, MOBI
  • Number of page: 312 pages
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Description Footprints in Time de MR Frank C Newby:

Every child older than nine should read this book. Every adult in America should read it for the history alone. It is witty, humorous, factual and introspective. It will bring tears to your eyes and a chuckle to your lips. It is the story of an ordinary man who has led an extra-ordinary life. He has climbed mountains and lived with and taught Indians. He has painted in oils and written 22 books. He is an expert woodworker and has a master gardener diploma. It is the story of survival by a brave family during the great depression of the 1930s. It describes conditions and recounts experiences. Reviewers have listed it as a must read. Frank Newby was a child of the depression. He grew up without the finer things of life. Among his earliest memories were of receiving an orange for Christmas at six years old. The first one he had ever eaten. He had never lived with electricity until he went into the service. He was milking cows at nine and plowing with a team of horses and a walking plow at 11. He was born in the Bible Belt of the Midwest. He grew up on fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Life was simple and pure and then came the great war. His Dad was drafted and at 15 he was left at home with a farm, a mother and two younger brothers to care for. He was drafted and served two years active and five and half as a reservists in the Navy. He achieved a bachelor and master degree in Education. Left immediately to go west and teach on the Zuni Indian Reservation. He became an elementary principal and spent 11 years in education before leaving to find a job that paid enough to raise a family. He spent the next 30 years as a textbook salesman, traveling the west from Arizona to Montana and points in between. He quit and formed a computer company which he kept for 11 years before retiring and moving to an Indiana farm to get back to nature. He left the farm when he couldn't get on and off the tractor anymore and started writing books. To date he has 20 books published and three more on the shelves ready to be polished and published. Frank is an observer of humanity. He sees the travesties and the glories of the human race. He is a commentator and reporter of mankind and all of its fallacies and faults. In the "golden years" he has become a historian and has a large reservoir of little known or never heard stories of history from the ancient to the present. He struggles to maintain a neutrality in the question of race, religion and politics. He has climbed the mountains of Colorado and hiked the desert trails of the southwest. He loved to fish until time caught up and the body gave out. He still does Intarsia with exotic woods as a pastime hobby. He now peacefully resides in the sunshine of the high deserts of the southwest with a wife, a small Shih Tzu, a big old tom cat and a smoking computer. The body has slowed down but the mind is still in overdrive. He has often been referred to a Renaissance man. He maintains the core beliefs of a simpler and gentler world in which life was less harried and hectic. On his last day he will have another book on the drawing board.

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Thank you! This book is great!

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Thank you! This book is great!

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I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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