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Rigorous Magic

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  • Autor: Steve V. Hatch
  • Editor: John Wiley
  • Relaese Date: 02 September 2015
  • ISBN: 1119209234
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT, Audio, MOBI
  • Number of page: 248 pages
  • File Size: 41MB
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Description Rigorous Magic de Steve V. Hatch:

In the marketing world, communication ideas are revered for their magical ability to affect how consumers behave towards brands. Despite this, they are poorly understood. How many types are there? What are their characteristics? How should you use them? And what makes a good one? Most marketers simply cannot answer these questions. Rigorous Magic answers these questions, bringing science to the art of ideas. Jim Taylor and Steve Hatch dispel the myths around communication ideas and create a practical road map for marketers to select which types are best for their brand to compete. Only through a rigorous process of cataloguing and evaluation can ideas truly be understood - and the right ones selected to change consumer behaviour in today s global, multi-channel marketing world. One of the most beautiful buildings in the American Mid-west is the Milwaukee Art Museum. It is a fantastic piece of modern architecture, and from a distance with its winged roof, it looks like a great bird perching on the shores of Lake Michigan. Inside it s no less impressive. Walking around it you get the distinct feeling that you re entering into another world, a world combining both rigour and magic. The picture of the corridor shown on the front cover, taken inside this amazing museum by photographer Kieran Negoda, brings this to life. But to Steve and Jim the picture is more than just a visual metaphor for the name of the book. It s also a place in which they ve experienced a lot of the issues that are dealt within this book as it s here that they ve run several idea workshops for SABMiller the global brewer that has its North American headquarters in Milwaukee. And in many ways, the building represents the business of creating ideas inspirational, visionary and yet, at times, utterly frustrating. Steve and Jim both have both spent their careers working separately Steve at BMP and PHD, Jim at McCann, Ogilvy and Nota Bene but they have now both have found a natural home for themselves at the WPP media agency, Mediaedge:cia Steve as joint Managing Director of Mediaedge:cia in the UK, and Jim as Global Director of Communications Planning and also Regional Director of Retail for Europe Middle East and Africa. They have increasingly overlapped in their careers on the SABMiller business- a business which has taken them all over the world. This journey hasn t been one of sterile airports and hotel rooms, rather it s been one in which they ve really experienced the different markets from working at the Praha hotel in Prague, a bastion to communism designed to be the place for the last stand (with the tanks on the lawn) when capitalism came rolling into town, to going to saunas in the Russian countryside in -30 degree conditions, to talking to hostel dwellers in the townships of Johannesburg to arguing with unscrupulous cabbies at 2am in Bucharest. Most importantly, it has afforded them some of the most interesting planning work that you can imagine and given them a huge experience in the world of ideas. As a result, they ve become fervent believers in the role that communication ideas play at the heart of modern marketing.

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Molsa Re: Rigorous Magic

Thank you very much !!!!

Rocksmasher Re: Rigorous Magic

I just read Chapter 1, and it is awesome.

Oghmafyn Re: Rigorous Magic

I just read Chapter 1, and it is awesome.

Reggie Re: Rigorous Magic

Thank you! This book is! impressive

Coan Re: Rigorous Magic

this book rocked my world ...


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