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Polar Shift

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  • Autor: Clive Cussler
  • Editor: Books on Tape
  • Relaese Date: 30 August 2005
  • ISBN: 1415907609
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Description Polar Shift de Clive Cussler:

Polar Shift: It is the name for a phenomenon that may have occurred many times in the past. At its weakest, it disorients birds and animals, and damages electrical equipment. At its worst, it causes massive eruptions, earthquakes, and climatic changes. At its very worst, it would mean the obliteration of all living matter. . .
Sixty years ago, an eccentric Hungarian genius discovered how to artificially trigger such a shift, but then his work disappeared, or so it was thought. Now the charismatic leader of an anti-globalization group plans to use it to give the world's industrialized nations a small jolt, before reversing the shift back again. The only problem is, it cannot be reversed. Once it starts, there is nothing anyone can do.
Austin, Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team certainly have faced dire situations before, but never have they encountered anything like this. This time...even they may be too late.
Rich with all the hair-raising actions and endless imagination that have become Cussler's hallmarks, "Polar Shift" is a wonderful thriller-indeed, "vintage Cussler." Info on the writer cannot be uncovered or maybe has become eradicated within the ask for of your article author. You may may very well be enthusiastic about some other guides because of the Clive Cussler. We were competent to collect the vast majority of a lot of iformatsii for you. With regard to writers: web page isn't going to include consumer accessibility ones ebooks on the webpages simply introduction information regarding the publication. If you feel this site will be infringing, you need to write to all of us about this and if you're the actual creator of these ebooks, we're going to punctually take away websites from your web-site.

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